Satisfying Leslie’s craving

My early 20s were definitely the golden years of looking for sex online. (I say golden in terms of volume, not necessarily quality.) But, hey – sex is sex.

One of the many people I met through AOL’s member directory was a woman in her early 30s, married, with children. (We’ll call her Leslie.) She was stuck in an unhappy, sexless marriage with a police officer who she claimed cheated on her all the time. Leslie was interested in two things: 1.) Making revenge love with another guy, preferably younger, and 2.) Tasting cum for the first time.

Seriously? This woman was over 30 and hadn’t taken a load in her mouth yet – even by accident? Of course I was more than happy to oblige – there’s nothing I love more than a woman who craves cum and specifically asks for it. So we started with the standard e-mail photo swap. At this time I had amassed quite a library of personal cock shots from my webcam, so I sent her everything I had. She responded with a lo-res bitmap headshot.

After a few weeks of chatting, Leslie was invited over to my townhouse. I was totally into the MILF fantasy at that time (well, I’ll always be into MILFs) so it was awesome that she arrived in a minivan. She didn’t quite fit the criteria of what I consider to be a true, 100% MILF (this topic will be tackled in a later post). Leslie was about 120 lbs. with shoulder-length, dark curly hair. And she walked with a half-limp, which was kind of strange.

She dropped by three or four times, and we’d get naked and have sex. (One time we went and got ice cream afterwards, so this wasn’t all about fucking.) Leslie would only be able to come over during the hours that her husband was on shift and her children were off doing their sports activities. Sometimes she’d park the minivan a block away, in case somebody was following her, I guess.

The intercourse itself wasn’t that memorable, but the blowjobs certainly were. Leslie really meant it when she said she wanted to taste cum – she worked my dick for half-hour before I finally spilled into her mouth. This wasn’t one of those “I want you to blow your load and coat my face Peter North-style” cravings. Her lips were a tight seal around my cock head as I came, and she siphoned out every last drop. There literally was no mess afterwards. She swallowed it all and told me how great it tasted.

Part of the pleasure of the relationship, for me, was being Leslie’s 23-year-old sex toy. I loved the way she would undress me and savor my body. I totally got off on the fact that I was this woman’s outlet for needs and fantasies she couldn’t fulfill with anyone else. My ego was stroked, and I liked that. (Surprise!)

Our communication broke off after her husband got into her AOL e-mail account and found my cock pics. I received a threatening e-mail from him, claiming that this was tantamount to sending pornography to their children, because they all shared a computer. He threatened to use his police connections to sniff me out and arrest me if I ever e-mailed Leslie again.

She IMed me once more after that incident, but didn’t bring it up, so I never knew if he told her that he found the pics or not. I didn’t mention it, either. We never saw each other again, but I hope Leslie got what she needed from our encounters.



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8 responses to “Satisfying Leslie’s craving

  1. Poor Leslie! How sad her husband wouldn’t let her take a shot in the mouth. I’m glad you were able to fix that for her, AND live our your milf fantasy. Isn’t the internets great?

    (Granted, its not my thing, personally. I hate cum in my mouth. But damnit, its the principle of the thing!)

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  5. I was sexually active for several years before tasting cum. And it wasn’t that I didn’t want to. My first boyfriend had a complex about it as he thought it was degrading. I don’t think it is degrading if I am begging for it! ;)

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  7. I bet you made her day……the first guy my wife had was he claimed 24 but we think more like 21…..she likes them young too…..she is a MILF

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